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Anthropocene Feminism November 18, 2013

Posted by Jill S. Schneiderman in Uncategorized.

I’ve deliberately been keeping most of my thoughts to myself these days while marshalling my energy for a substantial writing project. But I’d like to make known an upcoming conference at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (April 2014) on Anthropocene Feminism. Of course, the Anthropocene is a topic of great interest to me and the notion that others are thinking about combining the two, as I like to do as well, excites me. I hope to submit a paper for the conference and perhaps bring students with me.


1. David Sucher - March 28, 2014

It’s a subject which fascinates me, too.

But I checked out the conference web page and what astonishes me is not one mention (so far as I could see) of Teilhard de Chardin who wrote about the Anthropocene (in different terms but it’s the same dynamic) in his Phenomenon of Man. Surely a huge oversight.

I’ll reserve judgment until I see more (about the supposed connection of Anthropocene and Feminism) but my sense is that someone is reaching. I read some of the abstracts and they sound like parody — submissions to one of those “bad academic writing” contests.

2. Jill S. Schneiderman - March 29, 2014

I plan to talk about Teilhard and Thomas Berry.

3. David Sucher - March 29, 2014

So very glad to hear that! Truly. If one can separate the Christogenesis element, which I do, de Chardin has an awful lot of interesting things to say.

Don’t know much about Berry except I think he is an anti-city country-snob guy (true?) which means he is missing a lot.

But I am still extremely dubious about the feminism aspect, with regard to the anthropocene.

I can see an argument that society should be “feminized” a bit so as to guide the anthropocene more intelligently, more sustainably etc etc.

But I don’t think I agree that an “ecological” society is determined by “gender” but by simple common sense; but maybe it is a colorable argument. And clearly true in the big picture, doesn’t matter if sustainability is more feminine than masculine. I don’t think it is a winning political argument but hey! Try it! 🙂

But most of those abstracts are gibberish, submitals to a bad writing contest, they say nothing…guess I am being a bit harsh; well, someone has to be direct and since as a man, I guess that is my job. 🙂


4. interproximal - May 8, 2014

I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing
problems with your website. It appears like some of the text in
your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let
me know if this is happening to them too? This may be a
problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen previously.
Many thanks

Jill S. Schneiderman - May 8, 2014

I checked on my end and all seems to be fine. I hope you can work it out.
Thanks for reading.

5. David Sucher - May 17, 2014

Hi Jill.

Any reactions to the conference? I have been waiting so I now I have just have to ask.:)

I watched the videos (the 5 or so which were available on YouTube) and it was fascinating to hear so little of any intellectual value. Just pure junk. As bad as I feared. Yet they were able to speak at length. I am not sure how many of the speakers (on Youtube)have much/any knowledge of earth history and/or human-altered landscape.

I understand that you may not feel comfortable saying anything as this is a semi-public space. But I believe that there is a connection to the horrible events at Vassar (so many it seems) and the junk talk at this conference — the jargon, the intellectual posturing, the so-called anti-capitalism etc. I haven’t quite placed it and articulated it but there is something both sad and bereft of content about both vectors (to use a fancy word!)

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