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Ruptured coal ship + Leaking heavy fuel oil = Devastated reef April 5, 2010

Posted by Jill S. Schneiderman in coal, coral reefs, fossil fuel, Great Barrier Reef, oil, oil spill.

(Image from Australian Maritime Safety Authority / April 4, 2010)

In attempting to address the question of how humans should behave as actors in the system of environmental change, I’ve been thinking and writing about writer Rob Nixon’s concept, slow violence. To use Nixon’s words, slow violence is an oxymoron because acts of slow violence are those with lethal repercussions that sprawl across space and time. (For more on the concept read Nixon’s remarkable paper “Slow Violence, Gender and the Environmentalism of the Poor” in Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies, 2007)

Nixon has said that it’s hard to get people to recognize slow violence because the effects are so much greater than the space and time of one human life time. He says we need graphic images that can serve as icons to motivate us to stop perpetrating such acts.

So, my vote for an icon of slow violence is the sad image above that was printed in the Los Angeles Times today. It shows the more than 700-foot long, Shen Neng 1 , carrying 65,000 tons of coal striking the Great Barrier Reef (note that coral reefs cover less than 1% of the world’s oceans) and leaking heavy fuel oil from the 300,000 gallons it carries to run its engines.


1. poetnerd - April 6, 2010

Jill, this is really tragic. I am not sure that an image like this will appeal to an average human, however, do you? By appeal I mean evoke that visceral response that we need to cue us into the magnitude of the tragedy. I think that most people will see a tanker and water, and not the holocaust underneath. I think that we may have become too reliant on visual images of gore to elicit empathy and compassion for someone other than self. Although if we deem it too gory, we give ourselves permission to tune out as well.

Forgive my nihilist rambling. Your posts always make me think and teach me new stuff.

Would love to have you visit me at Healthcare, etc. — did an unusual post today.

Miss you!

2. The holocaust beneath « Arkadia - April 6, 2010

[…] 6, 2010 This was inspired by my friend’s post here about a coal tanker leaking fuel on the Great Barrier […]

3. Jill S. Schneiderman - April 8, 2010

i definitely see your point M. i don’t know if they will see the magnitude of the tragedy in the image. maybe it’s just wishful thinking. for me, it hurts to look at it.
miss you too!
will visit you at healthcare,etc.

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