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Jill S. Schneiderman may be reached at schneiderman@vassar.edu, or 845-437-5542. She can also be reached via cell phone. Email for that number please.


1. B. Yfarms - May 31, 2010

I was just thinking the very same thing, when I found your website. This Gulf oil disaster is indeed Pandora’s box. It was opened from years of unbridled greed and snubbing our noses at Mother Earth. We must reap what we sow, it is a universal law, and humanity has sowed much misery upon this planet as we have not kept it with dignity and respect as we should have. It will be a heartbreaking lesson to see one of the most beautiful places on earth be destroyed, and to know that it is all through our own fault. Each one of us, who drives a car, who drinks from plastic bottles, who heats our home with fuel oil…yes, we ARE responsible. But the weight of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the greedy oil companies and their CEO’s who lied when they said they could take care of any spill. All they could see was money, so they drilled in deep waters without really investigating any consequences. To them will the sin and the crime be charged.

2. Jill S. Schneiderman - May 31, 2010

Thanks for this comment. It resonated with me because yesterday my young children asked why the people who caused the calamity weren’t in jail. I tried to explain it was an accident. Still, when we moved on to talk about the accidental destruction of valuable artwork and the assignment of responsiblity, the analogy broke down. We must view the Earth as belonging to us all, in the same way that in some sense an irreplaceable work of art does, so that when it is catastrophically damaged, there are severe consequences for those who caused the catastrophe.

3. Raffi Cavoukian - August 21, 2010

hi Jill,
it’s Raffi, the singer, on Canada’s west coast: http://www.childhonouring.org
thanks for your work and for the article online 8/21/10.
i’m one of the growing many who are devoted to a world fit
for children—our most vulnerable citizens. “If not for wonder,
if not for reverence, if not for love, why have we come here?”

we need children to grow with whole-brain wonder/reverence
for the tough grace of being human on this spinning Gaia.
to grow with basic human values as the Dalai Lama told me,
“right from the start”.

4. Jill S. Schneiderman - August 22, 2010

Hi Raffi,
I thank you for writing, and my whole family and circle of loved ones thank you for singing. I’m going to your website now.
Many thanks,

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