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Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas April 4, 2010

Posted by Jill S. Schneiderman in fossil fuel, hydraulic fracturing.

Despite the fact that we humans must curb our use of fossil fuels, the technique of hydraulic fracturing (aka ‘fracking’) is being touted as an innovative way to extract natural gas from shale deposits. In my home state of New York, much attention has been paid to the issue because of the presence of an extensive sedimentary layer, the Marcellus shale, that could serve as a substantial source of the fossil fuel. For a balanced treatment of the potential promise and peril of this technology see the Scientific American report, “Fracking to Free Natural Gas”


1. clearville - December 22, 2010

Fracking help need for health near the fracking poisons which escaped into the water supplies. EPA is not moving fast enough, there is no fracking help for humans who are ill from the drill. Former President Bush the Commander in Thief gave the gas industry exemptions to legally pollute humans. There is no medical help available at your doctor, hospital or department of health….Call and do your own survey…there is absolutely no help for victims who drank poisoned water, showered in it and are ill from the drill. The government has lied to all of you because they want the money for the corporate investors…China?

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